For photos that speak to the heart & photographers that keep it real.

Beautiful natural portraits. Personal branding experts.

Candid event photography. Bespoke wedding photography.

Every photoshoot includes an pre-shoot ideas consultation for a personalised experience. We are experts at personal styling and brand awareness and help you every step of the way.

We are fully accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Rest assured, you’re in the hands of Pros. We guarantee high class imagery with a lifetime warranty.

 We provide speedy turnaround times so you can show off your new pics sooner! Within 24-72 hours depending on how many shots you fall in love with.

We love to travel and photograph in the locations meaningful to you, anywhere in Australia. Travel outside Melbourne & Adelaide incurs a small reward.

We’re all about creating the best (& seriously awesome) photography that reflects who you are.

Our philosophy

Total Capture click with people who like to keep it real. 
Our team is made up of fun-loving, health-conscious and down-to-earth humans who aspire to be your friends first, photographers second. 
In fact, our ‘job’ feels more like hanging out with awesome people, taking amazing pictures and immortalizing your stories, every single day. After all these years, we still pinch ourselves.
As wellness photographers, we offer a good-for-you alternative to traditional photoshoots, with pure organic makeup, nourishing snacks and personalised styling that’s true to you.
We say nup! to stiff and boring poses and hell yeah! to fun and spontaneity – in fact, we have 12 years’ experience capturing relaxed, candid moments on camera. 
We’re here for individuals and families who want an uplifting and empowering photographic experience; less awkward and more authentic. Less hairspray; more natural elation.
So if you, like us, believe that natural is beautiful, real is radiant, and happiness is better than any filter, give us a tinkle. We’d be delighted to show you what magic we can create for you.
(Pssst! Our teams are based in Melbourne and Adelaide, but we’re happy to discuss travel plans… to Tahiti.)

Our Story

Stephanie founded Total Capture in 2006 out of a facination with light and a passion for capturing peoples stories. Always with a camera in hand Stephanie’s inspiration is to combine her love of health with her love of photography. As a result, she has a real passion for helping experts, thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the health, wellness and personal growth space. 

She spent a decade establishing the brands reputation amongst the Wellness industry in Melbourne before moving to the Adelaide Hills and expanding her team across the two states. Today manages the team in Melbourne and Adelaide who share her passion and delivers high end professional photography that our clients love us for.